Friday, April 30, 2010

Right Now!

In Italy, they are gemma in the singular. I call them gems, the little buds with flower clusters popping up on the vine nodes in the vineyard just today, right now. They are extremely tender and I must be careful as I move among the vines, pruning, setting posts, and tightening trellis wires. They are also susceptible to late frost. Thus starts the winemaking season. 6 months from now, if all goes well, I will harvest and ferment. And it all starts right here in the vineyard, right now, with the budding of the gemme.

Other runaway tasks begging to be done right now? Just like the grapes, the two dozen olive trees that are in the worst shape, need to be pruned because they are going to bloom any minute. The beans and corn need to be planted in the garden before the season turns too hot and the lettuces before it turns too dry. The dozens of cuttings I took yesterday, of lavender, rosemary and honeysuckle, need to be rooted in potting soil or I’ll have start all over. And the wild oats and mustard running riot in the vine rows, garden paths and near the house need to be scythed before they fall over on their own.

This is what I came for! The right nowness of it!

[Photos by Sally. The post is 150 lbs. of concrete cement.]