Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Things I Carried

Because I wake up in a different day when I fly from New York to Rome, the “tomorrow” of yesterday’s blog is really tomorrow today. But before I board the plane and wake up in another time and place, I must finish packing.

Besides a novel-in-progress, clothing, and a computer, here are some other useful things I’ve hauled in my carefully weighed suitcases on previous trips:

A machete

A scythe

A solar electric fence charger and battery

Yoga mats

A ten-pound sledgehammer

Every manner of carpenter’s tool

Jumper cables

5 lb. bags of iron sulfate and copper sulfate

Heirloom tomato seeds

A six-man tent

A crowbar

80 feet of garden hose

Every manner of gardening tool

A sculptor’s axe

Every manner of mechanic’s tool

A heavy-duty bench vice

A hydraulic jack

A refractometer (to measure ripeness of grapes)

A hunting bow and arrows

A giant bottle of generic Ibuprofen

A posthole digger

A mandolin (for chopping food)

A meat cleaver

Cement trowels

Today, I will continue cleaning out my basement storage area by taking:

A 200-foot spool of anchor rope and chain

A pair of hip waders

A box of hospital bed legs

Every manner of nail and screw

An $800 bolt of silk we bought in Thailand years ago.

And a luggage scale.

50 pounds max!

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